Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Imagine the very frustrating scenario of being unable to work because of a disability. Through no fault of your own, your livelihood is at stake- you may be left wondering how you are going to support yourself and your family. It is for these difficult circumstances that Social Security Disability (SSD) was designed. However, applying for SSD can be an extremely drawn-out process and many people aren’t aware of eligibility requirements. Fortunately, the requirements for SSD aren’t as complicated as you might think. Read on to learn more about Social Security Disability eligibility and why you should hire a Social Security attorney when you experience a claim denial.


Paying into the Social Security System and Your Work History

Generally speaking, the biggest indicator of whether or not you’re eligible for SSD is based around payment into the system. If you’ve worked for an extended period of time and paid your Social Security taxes during this period of employment, then you will most likely be able to receive benefits if you’re no longer able to work because of a disability.

Next, the Social Security Administration follows a fairly involved process of verifying eligibility. This process is comprised of five questions, the first of which is related to your present employment. If you are working despite your disability and earn over a certain threshold, then the chances you will receive benefits are very slim. However, if you are only working sporadically, earning under the threshold or aren’t working at all, then the process will move forward to determining the existence and severity of your disability.

Gauging the Severity of Your Injury and Determining Eligibility

Determining the severity of your medical condition is the lengthiest part of the application process, which a Social Security attorney can help you navigate. Disability Determination Services (DDS) will receive your application and being the determination process. First, it must be concluded that your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working, interfering with the most basic work requirements.

The SSA has compiled a database of conditions that afflict every part of the body. Once your injury has been deemed severe, the DDS will work to identify your condition within the data. If your disability is not on the list, the DDS will attempt to find a comparable affliction to gauge severity. If they cannot find a similar condition on the list, or your condition is not as severe, the DDS will examine your condition to decide whether or not you can work.

Lastly, if the DDS decides that your disability has reduced your work ability, they will decide if your condition will allow you to perform different, less physically intense work. If they decide that your condition is severe enough that you are unable to work at all, then you will likely be approved for benefits.

Hire a Social Security Attorney

Unfortunately, after going through the taxing approval process, many people still find themselves denied the benefits they need to survive. If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, then you need help from a Social Security attorney from the Tatum Law Firm. Our caring, professional legal team will help fight for the benefits you deserve. Contact us today!