Getting Medical Treatment Without Insurance

Getting Medical Treatment Without Insurance

Getting hurt in an accident is a stressful situation in and of itself, but that stress is compounded tenfold when you’re injured without medical insurance. Without medical insurance, it can be difficult to get the kind of treatment that you need to recover from your injury and return your life to normal. Fortunately, even without insurance, it is possible to get access to necessary healthcare, and can even be easy when you get the right information. Read on to find out how to get medical treatment without insurance and find out how a healthcare lawyer can help you access the care that you need.

Check into Your State’s Programs for the Uninsured

Following your injury, the first place you should turn is your state’s programs meant to help the uninsured find access to medical treatment. Virtually every state has some sort of program for the uninsured or under insured, but you should be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to be approved for these programs in a timely manner, which makes it important that you start the application process as soon as possible. However, if you are denied for these state run programs, this does not mean that you are out of options for finding the medical treatment you need for a speedy recovery.

Visit a Community Health Clinic

Along the same line as seeking help from your state’s programs for the uninsured, it is also possible to find medical treatment at a community run health clinic. These clinics are either open every day, or a specific day, and will offer you medical treatment at little or no cost. Consult with your city’s health board for more information about your area’s community health clinics.

If you cannot find medical treatment at a community health center, you can also consider visiting a cash clinic. While these clinics do charge a fee in exchange for medical treatment, it is generally much lower than typical doctor’s offices.

Hire a Lawyer to Construct a Letter of Protection

If your injury was the fault of another, and you are currently engaged in a personal injury lawsuit, there is a legal path to acquire the health care that you need. Have your health care draft a Letter of Protection (LOP) and present it to your doctor in exchange for treatment. With an LOP in hand, your doctor will provide you with treatment on the contingency that you reimburse them for their services upon the conclusion of your personal injury case. Letters of Protection are particularly useful if you have a strong personal injury case, as they allow you to get treatment before a decision is made in your case.

Advocate for Your Rights with the Help of a Healthcare Lawyer

One of the most detrimental life setbacks you can suffer is to be injured without insurance. Access to proper medical coverage can be near impossible without insurance coverage, which can exacerbate the stress you are already under due to your accident. To fight for your rights and get the medical treatment you need, hire a health care lawyer, or personal injury attorney, from Tatum Law Firm.

With offices in both Carolinas, Tatum Law Firm has all the experience needed to try your personal injury suit and help you get the access to the medical treatment you need. Contact us today to hire an attorney to fight for you!