NC Opens Office to Combat SSD Fraud

NC Opens Office to Combat SSD Fraud

In August, the Social Security Administration opened up a Cooperative Disability Investigations office (CDI) in North Carolina. The office is a joint venture between the State Bureau of Investigation and the inspector general. The agency is tasked with examining disability claims deemed highly suspicious. The agency hopes to prevent disability fraud by properly and thoroughly vetting claimants. Their goal is to only distribute payments to qualified recipients.

The new office in North Carolina is just one of the 37 CDI offices operating all over the country. Disability fraud is very real and the problem is only growing now that more people have access to the internet and tools to create fraudulent documents. These claims waste taxpayer’s money during disbursement and continue to waste money when the offenders are prosecuted.


As a first time claimant, you may not even be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding disability claims. It is important to do your research by hiring a social security disability lawyer to guide you through the process. Social Security disability law is a specialty and you need a trained team of lawyers such as the Tatum Law Firm to assist you. Below, we have outlined some special guidelines to help you determine if your disability claim is fraudulent. Read these regulations before you begin the claims process.

Major Factors

The Social Security Administration is going to conduct a thorough background check on anybody claiming disability benefits. The first step in the process is filling out an Adult Disability Report (ADR) with all of your medical history and personal information listed. While reviewing your application, the SSA will look at these main factors:

  • Residence
  • Work Status
  • Income limits
  • Receipt of other benefits
  • Changes in Status
Work Status

While applying for disability, you are allowed to have a job. However, the government does place limits on your monthly income. You should always disclose the amount of hours you work and your salary to the Administration. If they find out any information has been falsified, they will deny your claim. The income threshold is $1,130 per month for non-blind disability recipients and $1,820. You must report your monthly earnings on your disability report.

Receipt of Other Benefits

If you receive other forms of assistance such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) your award amount can be reduced. Do not omit or lie about government assistance you receive. This is considered a fraudulent act. Workers that are filing for disability following a work-related accident will also receive lower award amounts if they are on workers’ comp. The government takes into account all of your disability aid including any private or state funding.


Supplementary Security Income (SSI) is only awarded to United States residents. If you move out of the United States, you will forfeit your right to SSI benefits. It is your duty to notify the SSA that you are moving out of the country. Failure to do so can result in fraud charges.

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